3 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Head of Hair

3 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Head of Hair


Most men care about keeping their hair to the point they will spend a small fortune on preventative measures from caffeine shampoos to supplements and prescription medicines – some will even have a hair transplant.

The psychological and social benefits of having a well groomed head of hair seem to be at play for most men, and this is what a lot of products prey on from the grey hair removal shampoo such as Just for Men to the electric beard trimmer we are all encouraged to buy in order to keep well groomed.

In our culture, we tend to value the aesthetic attraction of someone with a full head of hair much more than someone without hair, and this can pose a problem, as many men lose their hair in the process of aging and there’s often little they can do about it.  Men who suffer with baldness or alopecia tend to also suffer from embarrassment around the topic and describe how this knocks their confidence in social situations, particularly within a dating or romantic context.

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy head of hair then check out the tips below that cost very little and don’t require any extreme measures.


The body is very resilient in that it can learn to ‘cope’ with all manner of physiological and psychological strain – to a point – because there is a point when stress takes its toll on us, and the saying ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ could never be more true.

The mind does affect the body, and there is a breaking point where the body can only take so much psychological strain before it manifests physical symptoms; one of which is baldness in the form of stress induced alopecia.

You therefore need to find a way to reduce the stress in your life or at least manage the stress in your life better in order to release it.  Activities such as yoga and meditation suit some people whilst others require something more active such as boxing or playing squash.  No matter what your vehicle, we could all do with finding a way to release, reduce, and manage stress.


There are many caffeine-based shampoos promoted for their baldness prevention qualities.  Caffeine is a natural stimulant which is known to encourage hair follicle growth yet there is a limit to the extent of benefit this is going to have.

Natural products such as aloe vera that nourish the dermis layer of your scalp and can penetrate deep into the hair follicle itself might be a more sensible approach, as this way you are providing the nutrition required to create healthy hair.


A regular Indian Head Massage can help relieve stress and tension whilst stimulating the cells responsible for healthy hair growth.  In fact, this ancient indian remedy is good for mind, body and spirit along with being a well used preventative treatment for baldness in Indian cultures.

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