A few Exceptional Things to do in Europe

A few Exceptional Things to do in Europe

Photo by E T T T O on Unsplash

Some things in life have that cool factor. The kind of cool that wouldn’t be out of place in an Ocean’s film. That type of Mad Men unapologetic ruggedness that is not only a great conversation starter but will give you memories to last a lifetime. It’s things to do and places to travel to. Here is a selection of a few of those places in Europe.

How about sailing around the Greek isles? Ditch Mykonos and Santorini consider sailing to Paros and Pano Koufonisi. Still relatively unknown to the general public, life here is unaffected by the mass tourism machine. The beaches are unspoiled, the tavernas as in the old films and life goes by at a beautifully slow pace. The perfect place to unwind from the always-connected life we live.

If you are more into the joys of having a good time with friends in the pub, Zugspitze in Germany is the place for you. The highest mountain in Germany has the highest located beer garden in the country. It is a slight challenge to get there – tip: take the cable car – but once arrived you can enjoy a stunning view of the Alps with a cold stein of German beer in your hand. Much better than your average UK pub beer garden one could argue.

If you like the idea of going on a sort of pilgrimage that involves loads of effort, but all that effort for a ‘beer garden’ sounds a bit pedestrian, then Svaneti in Georgia is your destination. This region in the northwest of Georgia is home to the Caucasus Mountains range. Pack up your backpack and put on your hiking boots. It’s time to embark on a four-day journey from Mestia to Ushguli. It’s like a time machine taking you back to Europe in earlier times. This is Indiana Jones type territory with horseback still being a primary mode of transport. Get a glimpse of local life by staying in family-run guesthouses on your trek.

If hiking for four days is not your thing, what about fast cars? Head to Maranello in Italy. Yes, the town Maranello, home of Ferrari. Emilia Delizia offers supercar test drives that can be as short as 30 minutes to 2 hours long. You can test drive on the Modena track or go out on the public road. You can drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and even the Ferrari F430 (Modena test track only). And if that is too much excitement, you could also opt for the factory tour, but then again none of the bragging rights.

Fast cars too much and looking for more of an introspective contemplation kind of journey? Head to Sagres in Portugal. This destination at the most western tip of the Algarve is excellent for sea surfing, hiking, and sunbathing, and it is also known to be the end of a continent. Sagres will not be to everyone’s liking, with its rugged environment and the bare minimum of tourist facilities. Standing on the corner of Europe however, with the Americas to the west and Africa to the south, amid the isolated ambience of this outpost, you will feel like a modern-day adventurer.

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