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3 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Head of Hair

[IMG] Most men care about keeping their hair to the point they will spend a small fortune on preventative measures from caffeine shampoos to supplements and prescription medicines – some will even have a hair transplant. The psychological and social benefits of having a well groomed head of hair seem…

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A few Exceptional Things to do in Europe

Photo by E T T T O on Unsplash Some things in life have that cool factor. The kind of cool that wouldn’t be out of place in an Ocean’s film. That type of Mad Men unapologetic ruggedness that is not only a great conversation starter but will give you…

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The UK’s Coolest Seaside Towns (That Aren’t Brighton)

[IMG] Brighton has long been heralded as one of the trendiest seaside towns. However, some would argue that its become too trendy with too many vintage clothes shops and quirky coffee bars and try-hard alternative bars. A new breed of seaside town is now starting to appear across the country…

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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Life

Happiness means different things to different people. For some, happiness is finding contentment in a tailored suit and watch. For others, it’s purchasing a first home and knowing that they’ve finally gained something that is theirs and theirs alone. The issue arises when you don’t feel as happy in your…

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Finding your style

We all go through phases with our style, particularly when it comes to our hair. It’s the most reworkable part of you. On most occasions, if a style goes wrong you only have to wait a short while for it to grow back and you can start all over again.…

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