Best Retro Gifts For Old Fashioned People

Do you have that one friend that’s always complaining about the modern world? Everybody’s always staring at their phones, nobody likes each other anymore, new technology is ruining the world etc. They constantly yearn to live in a past that existed before they were even born. It was so much better back then, they’ll say. You can use this annoying personality trait as a great way to choose them gifts. You can be sure that somebody like this would love some of the great retro gifts that are so popular at the minute. These are some of the best ones you can get right now…

A Record Player

Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way, and it’s no longer confined to middle aged men hiding in their sheds, it’s actually fashionable now. While most people have moved on from physical platforms and toward downloads and streaming, there is still a big section of society that wants something a bit more tangible. For people that love the past, a record player and a few of their favourite albums is a great gift choice. You can get some great retro look ones from the Cuckoolands Gifts for her collection for a pretty good price.

Smartphone Gramophone

Even the most old fashioned people can’t deny how handy it is being able to stream music on your phone. Even if they’ve got a good record collection, they won’t have everything in there and it’s great to be able to do a quick search and find whatever you want. However, your old-fashioned friend might still want a traditional, authentic listening experience. The easiest way to get the best of both worlds is the smartphone gramophone, and it’s a great gift for dads. It’s a great iphone dock speaker, in the shape of an old gramophone so they can still pretend that they’re in the 1950’s, even if they’re listening to music through their phone.

Gin Distillery Tour

There was a time when everybody in Britain drank Gin but for a long while it lot popularity and was reserved mainly for the older generation. But these days it’s making a big comeback. People are suddenly obsessed with drinking and making gin. New distilleries are opening up all over the place and lots of them are offering tours which make the perfect gift for your old fashioned friends. They’ll get the chance to see exactly how it’s made and taste a lot of different types of gin along the way.

Magic 8 Ball

The magic 8 ball was such a huge toy phenomenon when it first came out. There is so much nostalgia around it, even for people that never owned one, and it’s an iconic image in so many movies and TV shows. But now you can get yourself a new one and give to somebody as a great retro gift.

All of these classic retro designs seem to be gaining a lot of popularity recently as people start to get fed up of the modern world and start looking backwards. These great retro items are the perfect gift for those old fashioned friends and family this year.

Are you a retro kind of person?

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Best Retro Gifts For Old Fashioned People