Christmas Gift Guide For Dads

It’s almost December, and that means that there is just over a month until Christmas looms over us once more. The festive season brings with it a sense of fun, laughter and plenty of colour; but it also means that we need to go out and find that perfect gift for our loved ones.

Mums are easy to buy for- you can pretty much buy any sort of jewellery, pyjamas, fluffy socks and even stationery. But then it comes to buying for the Dads. For some reason, the men of the family are always much more difficult to buy for than the women, and you end up looking at the same things over and over again. Luckily, I’ve compiled a fun list of ideas for the men of the family this year, so if you are struggling for ideas read on.

Beer Tasting Experience

Most Dads love a good beer; whether they prefer bitter lager or classic ales, you usually can’t go wrong with buying your Dad a pint at the pub. The great thing is that you can use their love of this beverage and get them a beer tasting experience for Christmas. You can then set a date and go to a brewery with your dad and spend the day drinking beer and eating food.

Funny Tees

If you want some sort of stocking filler which will make your Dad laugh on Christmas morning, then go ahead and buy him a funny tee. It could be based on a movie he loves, a TV show he watched as a kid or could even just be something totally random. Website such as Red Bubble have thousands of tee ideas.

Cigarette Accessories

If your Dad loves a good cigar or cigarette, there are many cheap tobacco and smoking accessories you could buy for him. You could buy a brand new lighter with a fun design on, a case for his cigarettes or even a pipe if he likes those. There are plenty of options.

DVDs and Games

Most Dads love technology, gadgets, films and games. If your dad is into gaming, why not buy him a new game this Christmas for his console? You could go down the route of something like Assassins Creed, or if he loves the classics you could get the remastered Crash Bandicoot. Either way he’ll be able to get hours of use out of the gift you buy for him.

Novelty Slippers

Does your Dad have a fun sense of humour? If he does, you could always by him a pair of hideous, huge slippers for Christmas. There are some amazing monster claw slippers and characters like Yoda and Homer Simpson which you can buy online. It will make everyone laugh and keep his feet warm at the same time.

Supercar Driving Experience

What better way to let out the boy racer in your dad than letting him drive around a race track in cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens? If your Dad often gets road rage stuck behind slow drivers, then he will love the chance to race around an open track in some of the fastest cars in the world.

Do you have any gift ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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Christmas Gift Guide For Dads