My Core Carry-ons

Travel tip tuesday

I’m going to Singapore. Well, actually I’ll already be there by the time I get internet access to post this.

Unfortunately, it’s for business but fortunately it’s a great destination and I count myself extremely lucky to get to go. I’ve been once before, again for business, but this time there may be some space in the itinerary to do the touristy thing.

Don’t worry, I’ll do a separate post about my trip soon!

With long flights the stuff you choose to accompany you on the flight is essential. After all, you don’t want to spend 7+ hours bored stiff because you’ve already seen everything on the in-flight entertainment system.

Here’s a small selection of my core carry-ons:

MacBook Air

What do I need this for you ask – to blog of course! Ha! It’s also for business and with it being so light it’s perfect to just slip into my bag.


I have notebooks coming out of my ears. You can never have enough stationery right? I know my sister will especially appreciate this. What’s it for? To take notes, duh!


Who doesn’t love getting stuck into a good book? Again, my sis will appreciate this. I love reading, and carrying this little device with me proves a life saver when there’s nothing to watch on the in-flight entertainment and your limited for space in your bag.


I’m sure every does this. But I’ll always have a pair in my bag whether I’m going to sunny weather or not. They’re not only a core carry-on but are a core accessory for anyone.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

O.k. so I’ll admit it, I’m a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I know (some) planes are thoroughly cleaned but I can’t help but thinking “who sat in this seat before me and did they wash their hands after visiting the lavatory?”. So as I sit down I quickly whip a wipe out and give the seat (arms, screen etc.) a once over.

Lip Balm

I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Either that or it’s actually my sister writing this. She has an obsession with lip balm and will totally appreciate this. Whilst I do not own anywhere near as many as her I will never travel without one. Your skin and lips can get SO dry when flying so it’s an essential item to carry-on.


Those cheap and nasty plane headphones really hurt my ears after a while and do very little to block out the noise of the aircraft. So I always make sure I take a comfy pair of headphones with me to save myself from earache and so that I can actually drown out the hum of the engines and enjoy a good film or listen to some music.


Now whilst my camera is a little on the bulky side I always advise you take one on-board with you. Not to take photos of your amazing plane food…but as a backup. Most of us have smartphones now which can take amazing quality pictures. But what if you lose your phone or run out of storage? Well, taking a camera with you will ensure that you can capture those moments that you’ll look back on for years to come. And by taking it with you onboard, the risk of losing it is small.

What are your core carry-on items? Let me know in the comments below!

Tommy x