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I love watches. Like, seriously love them. A watch is something that never goes out of style and can really set off an outfit. But to be honest, all I’m seeing at the moment is the same old same old, I like to be surprised every now and again. Then Jord Watches reached out to me and introduced their luxury Wooden watches. Boy, they’re so different but in a really cool way! I’ve never seen a wooden watch before and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Jord design for both men and women and are focused on creating timepieces that are modelled after a modern lifestyle. They’re all about sustainability, efficiency and experimental living. I think that’s a great ethos to have and it’s certainly a forward thinking one.

I chose the Kosso & Midnight Blue watch from Jord’s Conway Series. It’s so unique. After all, no two pieces of wood are the same so I like to think I’m the only person who will ever own this exact timepiece. Kind of cool, right?

When I picked my watch I did have some reservations. Will it be heavy? How will wood feel on my wrist? Will it fit? Will it look odd?

Well, the awesome thing is that it’s not heavy. In fact it’s actually quite light. The wood feels great on my wrist, natural in fact. And Jord offer a resizing service so the watch arrived already sized to my wrist.

It also looks fantastic! It goes great with blues and natural earthy colours. I’ve only been wearing it for a week or so and already I’ve had so many compliments on how unique and stylish it is.

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