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Looking after your skin can be a tough task. With so many products out there it’s confusing knowing which ones to use let alone how much to spend. And I’ve certainly spent a pretty penny on skincare products in the past. I’m also guilty of falling for all the fuss like ‘hydro this’ and ‘scientific that’. Haven’t we all? But recently, things changed for me…

In comes grüum, a Manchester based skincare company whose philosophy is to offer an alternative to the overpriced, underwhelming high-street grooming brands. Every ingredient in their products has a purpose. They don’t go for the super scientific look like most market leaders do. Their packaging is so simple and clean, which I think says ‘this is good for your skin’ more than any alternative.

grüum offer monthly skincare kits which are delivered direct to your door. Taking the fuss and hassle out of scouring the shops for your favourite moisturiser only to find it’s not on offer and is now twice the price!

To find out what kit is best for you they have this awesome survey. Once completed they’ll recommend a kit for you and within a few clicks it’s already on its way. From beard care to shaving, there’s a kit for every man!

My favourite grüum product is the Facial Tonic. With travelling so much my skin takes a battering from over AC’d hotels and planes and not to mention the lack of sleep. With this little spray I can instantly give my face a wake up call, rehydrating my skin with natural, kind ingredients. It’s awesome!

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