The Gadget Bag


One of the last things you want to forget on your trip is your gadget and the accessory that goes with it. We’ve all been there, done that and didn’t have the charger to use it.

Introducing the gadget bag…

O.K. so some of you may already do this or something similar. But since introducing this nifty little bag to my packing regime I’ve never forgot that travel speaker or phone charger. It’s also a great way to keep everything together in your suitcase.

All you need is a wash or toiletry bag. But something of a similar size will also do. Make this process one of the first things you do when preparing for a trip. This will ensure you don’t forget all your gadgetry in the traditional frantic last stages of packing.

Put everything tech related in here. Your phone charger, travel adaptors, earphones, travel speakers, e-book charger, camera etc, etc, etc. Keeping everything in the one place will make it much easier to find when you arrive at your destination and your phone desperately needs charging from all those selfies you’ve been taking on the journey there.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy x

  • Lisa@IntoTheGlade

    A great tip Tom! Thank you for sharing, I’m just off to put my CK wash bag to good use xx

    • Go for it Lisa! I’m sure you’ve got lots of gadgetry to fill it with too! x

  • This is a great idea, I do something similar and have bought a toiletries bag with two compartments to organise everything.I also keep a list in the bag of what should be in there so I can make sure I dont forget to add anything in there.

    • I love the idea of using one with compartments! Thanks for stopping by Nayna!

  • My husband would love this bag, he has so much tech which he takes on holiday, this would be perfect.

    • I can’t go without it now Mel! The amount of tech we all have just seems to be increasing so it’s great to be able to organise it. Thanks for stopping by!