Gifting Memories this Valentine’s

The festive season is over, let the season of love begin! That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day soon and finding the right gift for your partner at this time of year can often be harder than at Christmas. Do you go overboard with flowers, chocolates and jewellery? Or do you keep it subtle yet meaningful?

Either way, Valentine’s Day is about showing someone how much you love them. Each person’s way of doing that will be different. This year, why not try something different by choosing gifts which will create memories with your partner? Memories and gifts that you can treasure for the years ahead.

This year, John Lewis have got a fantastic gift range. Here’s what I picked out from it to help create those memories:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera | £69.95

These days, we’re so used to taking pictures and uploading them to social media we forget to get them printed to treasure in our homes. But the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera from John Lewis allows for instant photograph printing. No editing, tweaking or filters. Just pure photographic simplicity. And because you’re limited to the number of shots per roll, those pictures that don’t turn out so well because you or your partner has their eyes closed are the ones you’ll treasure more because you’ll laugh about them in years to come. The instax is a real blast from the past but it comes with a modern touch by adding a selfie mirror for that perfect self shot.

Gifting Memories this Valentine's 3

Umbra Clothesline Photo Frame | £35.00

This type of photo frame is becoming increasingly popular. I just love the simplicity and versatility of the Umbra Clothesline Photo Frame from John Lewis. I’m going to change mine up with new pictures monthly with a Month of Memories theme. It’ll be like updating your profile picture on social media but instead it’ll be part of your home decor. You could also run seasonal themes. During Valentines, fill it with pictures of you and your partner. At Christmas pop your festive favourites in there or take some brand new ones and instantly update your frame with the Instax Camera.

Gifting Memories this Valentine's 2

Both of these gift ideas can be enjoyed by you and your loved one. Creating and showcasing memories to reflect on and treasure whenever you walk past the frame in your hallway. But whatever gift you choose for your partner this Valentine’s I hope they enjoy it…and I hope you get something nice too!

Thanks for reading,