Goodbye Asia. Hello 25.

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 2

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 3

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 7

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 4

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 5


Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 10

Goodbye Asia. Hello 25. 9

I’ve done a lot since my last post. I spent a week in Asia visiting Singapore and Hong Kong, embarked on a healthy lifestyle (not going great!) and turned 25 (ugh!). Life feels like it’s going full speed at the moment. I can’t believe we’re halfway through March!

Asia was awesome, as always. If the opportunity presented itself I’d happily move to Singapore. It’s such a vibrant city and the people, culture and lifestyle is beautiful. Sadly I was only there for one full day but I’m really looking forward to going back in October.

I spent three days in Hong Kong, my first time there. It’s a really interesting place and totally different to Singapore. We traded relatively empty roads for jam packed ones. Hong Kong has a lot of concrete. Not too appealing but ultimately makes for an impressive skyline.

If you follow my socials you will know that I visited some absolutely beautiful hotels whilst there and spent a night in the worlds tallest: The Ritz Carlton. Having cocktails at the highest bar in the world was pretty awesome. Beats being back in the office that’s for sure!

The people of Hong Kong are really friendly and we were lucky enough to have local guide Becky join us whilst there. In between work ,Becky showed us as many of the ‘sites’ as she could. One such was this beautiful flower market in Kowloon. Check out the array of flowers and colours!

When I returned from Asia my focus changed to turning 25. I only had a few days left of being less than a quarter of a century old. So I spent them seeing friends and drinking cocktails, what else would one do?

I enjoyed my birthday with my amazing family, drinking Prosecco and eating delicious food. There’s nothing better in my eyes.

What will 25 bring? Who knows but I intend to make it a year to remember!

Thanks for reading,