How do you spend your time?

How do you spend your time? 02

This is a blog post from the good people at Christian Benedict, the company that sent an awesome shirt which you may remember from my Instagram feed. Here they’re talking about saving time – something they talk about a lot and something I love:

Time waits for no man.

Over your lifetime you get about 700,800 hours or 42,048,000 minutes of life, provided you make it to 80. Roughly a third of that is spent asleep, so really it’s more like 467,434 hours (or 28,046,016 minutes). Just under another third gets taken up by work. Subtract the time you spend on random, but necessary activities (the average American spends 4.3 years of life driving) and pretty soon a big number shrinks to a small one.

There is, however, a lifestyle choice that can help you conserve what time you have: simply cut down on the mundane stuff (who wants to drive for 4.3 years). When Tommy kindly agreed to let us have some space on his blog we immediately thought we’d tell you about how we sell shirts on a subscription and that it’s really flexible and that each shirt is only £24.95… but then we realised that would be boring. Instead, we decided it would be better to focus on what we believe in and leave the rest to you.

So here it is – our mission statement …drum roll…:

“We think you should avoid spending time on mundane tasks and instead spend it doing what you like, such as hanging out with friends and family; watching sport; collecting stamps – whatever you enjoy.”

Our beliefs aren’t that controversial, but you don’t have to be radical to be right.

Indeed, at Christian Benedict we’re pretty committed to saving people time. Our entire business concept is built around not only providing great quality shirts, but also being convenient. Ever spent a lunch break or Saturday afternoon shopping for work stuff? Ever walked through the rain to a shirt shop? Well with us you don’t have to anymore. Once signed up, a customer receives his shirt at his desk or door as frequently as he chooses. Picking a new shirt takes two clicks (literally) and it’s equally as easy to skip or cancel. We’ve developed this system because it’s convenient and saves people time. Certainly, we’re not promising to alleviate all pressures on your time, but we will help you take a small step in the right direction.

So that’s it. We really recommend that you save what time you have and spend it on the important things in life. Paying bills, laundry and buying shirts are all necessary – just try getting them done efficiently.

If you want to save time buying (really decent quality) shirts, please check us out. You’ll never waste time in a boring shirt shop again!

All the best, and thanks Tommy.

The team at Christian Benedict

I’d highly recommend checking Christian Benedict out. Not only do I love how much time their service saves, the quality and finish of their products is top class and you know how much I love quality goods.

Thanks to the team over at Christian Benedict and thanks for reading,