It’s Shorts & T-Shirt Weather

All you have to do is look outside to know that it’s officially shorts and T-shirt weather. If you try to go outside in anything else, you’re just asking to drown in sweat. Whilst this weather definitely is a blessing, it’s bring out the bad side of people’s fashion sense. Just because it’s short and T-shirt weather, it doesn’t mean that the fashion side of things should slip. In fact, since we’re having such good weather, it’s time to get a little more creative and colourful with what we wear. There’s no better time to dress nice than when the sun is shining, and you’re heading to your local beer garden for a few too many pints. So, we’re going to show you a couple of short and T-shirt tricks that should help to keep you looking your best.

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Colourful Is Better

If there’s one thing that most men are afraid to do, it’s adding a bit of colour to their wardrobe. In the winter, we can understand why colours need to be kept minimal. But in the summer, it is all about strutting around in head turning clothes. If the sun is shining, your outfits might as well be doing the same. The easiest look to rock when thinking about adding colour, is the hawaiian styled T-shirt. If you can grab yourself some light denim shorts, not too short, but slim fitted, with a plain white Tee, you’re halfway there. All you then need to do is get yourself a funky hawaiian coloured shirt. Whether it be red, or green, that’s down to you. Keep the shirt open to show the white Tee underneath, and finish the look with some adidas socks pulled up, some white trainers, and some retro sunglasses. It’s such a cool and colourful look that we know you’ll all suit!

Going A Bit Upmarket

Even though the weather is this hot, there’s still those occasions where wearing something bright and colourful just isn’t going to be right. Say for example, if you were going to a nice meal, but there was the option to sit outside, you could still start off by wearing some black shorts, with all black trainers. Then, finish the look with a white or black shirt from designers such as John Henric, and it’s the perfect combination for a special occasion. You don’t need to swap out the trainers for fancy shoes, you just need to maintain your appearance on the top half. The trainers will just add that bit of swag that your look might be needing.

Simple Is More

Sometimes, all you need to be wearing is some black skinny shorts, and a white Tee, and you’ve got a perfect look. In some way, you do need to have the physical appearance to master this as well. If you’re well groomed, and accessorise well, this is going to be the perfect look for you. Finish it off with a flat cap, a nice watch, and maybe even some hipster bracelets, and the look is going to be perfect for everyday wear.

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