Leather Loving with Snakehive

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I’m the type of guy who’s never off his phone. My friends and family joke that it’s ‘attached to my hand’. It’s totally not…well maybe it is, kind of. Ha!

I’m amazed at how these little devices can do so much. I also love the look of my iPhone and really like how slim it is. Given this, I’ve never been interested in covering it up with a case or wallet. Adding to all that, I’m also really careful with my devices and have not had any major damage (touch wood) so have never had the need to protect my phone. But when UK family startup Snakehive got in touch asking me to try out one of their new Two Tone Leather Phone Wallets things changed.

Designed here in the UK and hand stitched in the EU their wallets are awesome and have a really sophisticated, luxury feel to them. I love the two tone design and the quality is fantastic. I opted for the black and navy wallet (£18.95), and it’s already caught people’s attention out and about.

The phone wallet has storage for bank / business cards which is really handy. It will be especially useful for when I’m traveling, dishing out business cards like they’re going out of fashion. And the soft leather styling will compliment any outfit. In my view it’s more a fashion than tech accessory.

I love Snakehive’s ethos. They believe in giving back to all their customers not just through great products but also through their weekly blog about how to get the most out of your phone. There’s some really good tips on there so I highly recommend you take a look, even if you’re not in the market for a new phone case.

Snakehive has lots of cases and wallets and they’re really reasonably priced too! Make sure you guys head on over and take a look. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. And whilst you’re at it, check out my socials for a Snakehive giveaway competition too!

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