New Car Owner? Here Are 8 Ways to Personalise Your New Ride

If you’re a new car owner then you’re probably looking for ways to make your purchase a little more special. Some people like to take their car out for long drives to familiarise themselves with the vehicle, and others like to head out more often as an excuse to drive and build up their experience. However, many people prefer to customise their cars a little, adding some personal touches that will not only enhance their driving experience but also make it more “you”.

So to help you out, we’ve prepared 8 unique ways to personalize your new ride and make it more about you.

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1. Car Stickers

Ever wondered what your car says about you? You no longer have to wonder if you use some car stickers. You obviously don’t want to put too many stickers on your car body or else it will look tacky, but getting some simple car decals can add a little personalized touch to your vehicle.

2. Paint Jobs

It sounds stupid to get a paint job after you’ve literally just bought a car, but some people do enjoy painting their vehicles a different colour if the car dealership didn’t have a specific colour. This is more common if you purchase a used car.

3. Number Plate

Getting a custom private plate can be quite cheap as long as you don’t go for popular words and names. It’s a great way to personalize a new vehicle and there’s always plenty of choice on offer. You can check if existing number plate combinations have been used and there’s also a growing market for unique number plates that you can purchase and trade.

4. Interior Comforts

Seat covers are a fantastic way to ensure that your car stays clean, but if you want a more comfortable experience then you can treat you passengers to softer cushions and better materials. You could even add coloured floor mats if you like a little bit of extra flair.

5. Phone Accessories

If you can’t resist using your phone in the car then you better use some phone accessories like a phone holder and a hands-free phone system to ensure that it doesn’t distract you from driving.

6. Tool Kit

If you consider yourself a budding mechanic then getting yourself a toolkit can not only be a great way to personalize your vehicle but also be prepared for future problems that could occur such as an accident or flat tire.

7. Air Fresheners

Keep your car smelling nice and looking fantastic with a wonderful air freshener. There are countless unique designs and scents and they’ll look great dangling from your rearview mirror or hanging on your fans.

8. Steering Wheel Cover

Covers for your steering wheel are easy to find and there’s a fantastic selection of different styles to choose from. You can pick colourful patterns to make your car look more extravagant, or you could even purchase grippy textures to make your steering wheel a little more comfortable to use.


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