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I’m not a big hot drink fan. I love hot chocolate during the festive season and I have a green tea every morning. But I’ve never really understood why people say “I can’t function without my coffee”. Well, I now appreciate why people love coffee so much after recently visiting Starbucks with friends. I had a latte and absolutely loved it.

O.k., I hear all you coffee lovers saying ‘ew, Starbucks. There’s so much better than Starbucks’, I’m new to this so give me a chance – ha!

Years ago I’d went through a phase of drinking iced coffees and thought they were nice but not something I’d say I loved. But now that I’m older and my tastes have probably changed its safe to say I’m a little addicted. Coffee is delicious!

Not sure how my twice weekly skinny latte will affect my healthly living goals though…

As regular visitors will know, I’m working towards my weightloss goal for 2017. Fit February is going well, I’ve lost 6lbs so far. That may not sound like much but I’m pleased with it. I haven’t been too strict as I’m building a lifestyle for myself, not a temporary fix. So I’ve allowed myself treats every so often. You’ve got to.

I’ve been following advice from new fitness and lifestyle bloggers: Franco & Kat. Their move of the month was the walking lunge and boy it’s a killer. Kat was my PT for a recent gym session and helped me on my form. I was disgustingly sweaty (especially after the walking lunges) and my muscles ached like hell the day after, but no pain no gain right?

Have I mentioned I have some travel coming up? Maybe once or twice – ha! Well, I’m planning to continue my exercise regime when in Singapore and Hong Kong. Hotels usually have good facilities but I’m also hoping to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Style wise I’m going to keep things simple when travelling. I’ve fallen back in love with my Converse, they’re so comfy and light, so will be coming with me for sure. I’ve been wearing them a lot recently so I’m looking for a new pair in their sale. They have some great offers at the moment: Get an extra 10% off when you buy one sale item, 20% for two and 30% for three or more! Use the code FINALSALE which is valid until the 6th March.

I hope your February is going well. Thanks for reading,