Olympia, Greece




On my travels around the Mediterranean I’ve been fortunate enough to see some amazing places. But none quite compare to the historic site of Olympia, the birth place of the Olympic games. After all It’s not every day that you get to walk along the same path the ancient Olympic athletes took into the stadium.

Entering the site I was immediately overwhelmed with how well preserved parts of the ancient Olympic village are. Despite centuries of cultural and religious changes you can still see the huge columns which formed a temple to the Greek God Zeus and where the athletes lived and trained.

I must admit, the site where the Olympic flame is lit was slightly disappointing but it was still incredible to stand there and feel the centuries of history that oozed from the ground beneath my feet. Our guide certainly helped us to visualise what this ancient site would have looked like all those years ago, she truly brought history to life.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy x