Singapore, Day Two

Wow I think I’m in Love

I woke in Singapore feeling well rested and refreshed. I don’t suffer with jet lag, I’ll most likely explain why in a future post. Watch this space.

My day started with a tour of Universal Studios which was about a 15 minute walk from my hotel – really handy. I was viewing it as a potential event venue. Believe it or not you can actually hold a cocktail reception on this New York street. It was hard to visualise poseur tables with smartly dressed guests when all I could see was tourists and minions but if I know anything about events its how any space can be adapted and transformed.

Universal Studios

New York Street

From Universal we headed to the Fairmont for a site inspection and lunch at Equinox Restaurant. This is where I fell in love. The view from our table at lunch was simply breathtaking. I’m sure you will all agree. Lunch was just as impressive. We were given an explanation of each dish by the Head Chef. There was lots of seafood as you would expect, sadly I’m not a lover of it so I opted for this beautiful pork instead.

Fairmont Lunch

Fairmont Lunch 2

Fairmont Lunch 3

Fairmont Lunch 4

I could have stayed in the restaurant all day looking at that view. If you have a fear of heights I wouldn’t recommend it but if you don’t then it’s a must. It’s buffet style lunch is extremely popular with locals and businessmen which is always a good sign.

That’s all for day two of my trip. Let me know what you think of the view!

Thanks for reading.

Tommy x

  • wow, look at that skyline! I don’t think I have ever thought to visit singapore but it looks fabulous

    • Oh you should visit, it’s an amazing destination! Thanks for stopping by Gemma!

  • Lisa@IntoTheGlade

    The view is breathe taking Tom, your pictures are great I love the shell fish shot 👌🏼 xx

    • Thanks Lisa! We were so lucky that it was a clear day! I love that shot too, it’s such a shame I don’t eat shellfish! x

  • That is definitely an incredible lunch view, and the food looks amazing too!

    Jess xo

    • It really was incredible! Thanks for stopping by Jess x