The Top 6 Coats for Men

The men’s coat is known to be one of the most significant pieces of garments that can offer both style and comfort. It is assumed by many that styling and staying warm during the cold months, doesn’t go hand in hand. However, there are a few coats for men that may prove this notion absolutely wrong. Here are the top 6 coats for men that are not only known for adding an extra style quotient to one’s personality but are also popular as the best way of staying protected from the harsh cold weathers.

Trench Coat

The trench coats are known for adding a stylish yet classy look to the appearance. Acquiring its name from World War I where it was initially designed for the military personnel, this coat can be easily used for everyday wear. Going perfectly well with both the formals and the casual wear, it is popular as an all-occasion and all-weather coat.

Duffle Coat

The wool fabric that the duffle coats were originally made of has lent it the present name. Just like the trench coat, its origin lies also in the military background. Initially designed for the British royal navy, this specific outer garment has become one of the most popular choices of men in trendy coats. Featuring a button-able strap near the neck section, it usually comes with two flap patch pockets and a frizzy tartan lining.

Pea Coat

Being another popular choice as the men’s coat, the pea coat offers the wearers a super smooth transition option from casual to formal. Coming all down to almost the length of the thigh, this attire is traditionally made of scratchy and heavy melton wool and used to come in only in two shades, black and navy blue. But now, with its increasing use among men, just as the wool material used in it has softened so does the colour variety have increased.


Exclusively designed for withstanding the harsh weathers, the overcoats come with a wider cut, flap pockets, notched collars and double or single breasted closure. Pairing perfectly with the majority of the suits, this type of coat is meant for formal affairs, though are worn on casual purpose too as it sports minimal ornamentation.


The parka is another popular coat among the men that offers a sporty look. Being an ideal outerwear for all kinds of casual attires, parkas are made of synthetic materials that are extremely lightweight. Coming in a variety of lengths, such as knee-length or waist-length, this coat features a large hood with a zipper closure.

Car Coat

Though initially designed for the drivers of open-hood cars, the car coats are just as popular as any other classic style coats among men. Featuring welt pockets and a simple straight collar, this coat offers coverage up to the thigh-length. Though it does not possess any heavy ornamentation, but it doesn’t fail to give a stylish look when worn with any kind of outfits.

No matter how perfectly and flawlessly a man dresses, wearing a men’s coat always adds an extra appeal and charm to his personality. As long as these trendy coats are there in the market, combining style and warmth together won’t be difficult at all.

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