Top Tips for Travelling in London

Top Tips for Travelling in London

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London is a vibrant and slightly crazy city, but as capitals go, this one is certainly like no other. With lots of smaller areas boasting their own character as well as plenty to see, do and eat, London is a metropolis enveloping almost every culture on the planet in its vision.

So how can you ‘do London’ the best way? Here are a few tips.

Get a City Centre Apartment

Most of the things you want to see and do will be in the heart of the city, so it makes sense to find some central accommodation for your trip. While the hotels here are certainly fabulous, if you plan to stay for a while to really explore the town, an apartment is probably a more comfortable route to go down.

Sites like offer a range of apartments with fabulous views and in exceptional locations that still ensure you will have a safe and comfortable stay. Many of these apartments are actually much better value for your money than a hotel as they offer many of the same services but give you more room to spread out and cater for yourself.

Use Contactless For Everything

Cash is a vanishing commodity in London and everything from your morning coffee to a bus ride around town can be paid for with your contactless card with easy efficiency. This is worth knowing before you go as it will save you the effort of standing in long queues each day to get a ticket. Plus, since the amount you pay is automatically capped by TFL, you have no worries about going over budget by accident.

London is a fantastically well connected city and with the tube, buses, cabs and plenty of things within walking distance, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to any of the tourist hotspots, or indeed, anything a little off the beaten track.

Pick the Right Bag for London

While London is comparatively safe, it is always best to be on the safe side with your belongings and have a good ‘London bag’ for your possessions. Staying organised is key to getting around the city and since things move quickly, knowing where your contactless card is immediately is best.

You should also consider the type of bag you have. A rucksack is great for giving you stability as people race past you on escalators, but make sure that it can’t be easily unzipped while you aren’t looking. This isn’t to say that you are in danger, just that London is a huge city and there are a lot of people about.

If you have never been to London before, don’t hesitate now. London is in the middle of a growth spurt and there are lots of exciting things going on. Catch a play on the west end, find one of the secret bars popping up around the city or simply walk along the Thames and admire the magnificent architecture spanning centuries of activity. London is the place to be.

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