Venice and Beyond





My summer escape finished in beautiful Venice. I love this place, it’s architecture, natural beauty and it’s way of life. Everyone travels by water, hundreds of boats weave around each other ferrying tourists, goods and workers to their destinations. The busyness is captivating. We chose to visit two of Venice’s neighbouring islands, the Lido and Murano.

The Lido is where sun seekers go to soak up the rays and enjoy the many bars and cafes. This 11km long sand bar is also home to the Venice Film Festival which takes place every September. I had THE most amazing ice cream I’d ever tasted here, I didn’t get a picture as I ate it too quickly, it was truly delicious.

By late afternoon we had made our way to Murano. Famous for it’s glass making, this series of islands is about a mile from Venice. You can really appreciate the architectural beauty here as the place isn’t overcrowded with tourists. The canals are lined with quaint glass shops where you can pick up a souvenir or two for a few euros. You could spend hours perusing the different handmade designs. We chose to have lunch in a quaint restaurant just off the main canal. The food was delicious and contrary to popular belief wasn’t ridiculously expensive.

I can’t wait to go back to Venice and spend some more time there, it has so much to offer.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy x


Sunglasses from Ray Ban – £170

Chino Shorts from Next – £16