Vincent Liverpool Review


You’ve got that Friday Feeling. The week you’ve just endured in work has felt like a lifetime. All you want to do is sit back and enjoy a nice drink.


If like me you get this feeling every week then I highly recommend you pay a visit to The Vincent Café & Cocktail Bar, Liverpool.

It’s trendy but not pretentious and is in a great location in the centre of the Liverpool business district. The outside seating area makes a for a great sunny day drinking destination. And if like most sunny days in Britain the weather turns a little colder they’ll roll out the canopy and switch on the heaters. Still too cold? No problem – move inside to the contemporary styled bar area where you can enjoy live music of a weekend.

The bar staff make a real effort to welcome. They’ll serve up your favourite poison with a flare of Tom Cruise in ‘Cocktail’ thrown into the mix. Whilst the cocktail menu is small they are more than happy to whip up whatever you like as long as they have got the right ingredients. If not don’t fret, they’ll recommend one for you based on your preferences. Cocktails cost £8.50-£9.50.

But it’s so much more than just a bar – The Vincent Café & Cocktail Bar also serves up some delicious dishes! Whilst the evening menu is pricey their ‘Express Lunch’ is extremely good value for money. Because sitting at a tasty £8 for two courses you can enjoy soup of the day followed by a sandwich or pasta dish. The menu changes daily making the experience even more exciting!

It’s this personal service and Jim’s Long Island Ice Tea’s that keep me going back time and time again!

What’s your poison? Let me know in the comments below!

Tommy x

  • Tracy Dignan

    Well put together, can’t wait for more!

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  • Emma Hughes

    Looking forward to enhancing my knowledge of fashion, travel and all things for an appealing lifestyle x

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    I am looking forward to our next trip to The Vincent and to reading more xx

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  • Natalie Renicks

    I’m so excited to read more my little cherub. My poison is definitely a piña colada or a strawberry daiquiri… Or anything cocktail form as I’m sure you know. Peace out. X

    • Thank you my darling! Has to be in a nice glass with an umbrella though right? ha!

  • Ami

    When are you taking me on a date here Tommy? The £8 lunch menu will do 😝

    • Ha! It’ll be your lucky day soon! Thanks for visiting!

  • lynne

    Ooooooooohhhhhh excited to see where you blog about next. Could it be one of our neighbours?

    • Quite possibly Lynne! Thanks for stopping by!