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I can’t believe the weekend is over, it’s gone so quick. Why can’t we work two days and have five off? Who’s with me? Well, until that happens we have to make the most of those precious 48 hours and I certainly did this weekend.

On Saturday we were blessed with dry and relatively clear weather so we decided to take a walk through Birkenhead Park. It’s such a great place to go with the family and has exercise equipment dotted around so is just as good for fitness seekers too. Birkenhead Park was the first publicly funded park in Britain and it is thought that the design was the model for many parks around the world including Central Park in New York, USA.

After our walk we stopped off at Home Coffee, a fabulous place to grab a drink and something to eat. With it being set in the booking hall of the Mersey Ferry it’s full of character and history.

We started Sunday with our usual breakfast visit to Claremont Farm Cafe. All of their food is sourced locally and tastes great. The cafe offers beautiful views towards Wales and there’s also a farm shop where you can pick up local produce. Just look at how delicious it looks!

Following breakfast we took a walk along the coast at New Brighton. There was a chill in the air, but every now and again the sun would break through and temporarily warm us up. It’s a great spot for keen amature photographers like myself. I’m just disappointed I didn’t take my proper camera but I think the pictures turned out o.k. in the end. I’m in love with these colourful benches!

I finished the weekend with a spot of Yoga. This week I was reintroduced to it thanks to some colleagues who have organised a class at work. I’m really enjoying it! It’s great for relieving stress and will now play a part of my Fit February regime. I’ll be able to bend into a pretzel in no time I’m sure – ha!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, thanks for reading.