What Does Your Car Say About You?

What Does Your Car Say About You?


Nowadays, there are so many different types and styles of cars to choose from. From different body shapes to an array of colours and finishes, it is possible to get any car you imagine – of course, within budget! So, have you ever wondered what your car says about you? After all, people often say that their vehicle is an extension of their personality! So, let’s see what your car says about you…

The colour of your vehicle – There is only one place to begin, and this is with the colour of your vehicle. If you are someone that likes to make an impression, you have probably got a yellow vehicle. After all, did you know that only four per cent of people drive a yellow car? You are probably also a friendly person and one of life’s great optimists. Yellow cars are the most visible and, therefore, the safest. You can head to the Drive Vauxhall Video Centre for some more tips on safe driving on the roads. Red cars represent power and strength; raising the blood pressure and getting people excited. They are a popular choice with men. Blue cars soothe the mind, providing clarity, logic, and a sense of calm.

Do you have a white car? This is a safe and neutral option. Grey represents bad weather, hibernation, and austerity; it doesn’t give off very positive vibes does it? What’s worrying is that grey is the second most popular car colour choice in the UK! If you have a grey vehicle, perhaps you are trying to save some money? And, last by not least, the most popular colour of them all: black. Black has recently overtaken white as the most popular colour, with 20.3 per cent of people in the UK driving a black vehicle. Black provides a security blanket for those who do not want to make a bold choice. Perhaps you like to play it safe or you don’t want to give too much away?

The size of your vehicle – The size of your vehicle is often an obvious one. Our vehicle needs tend to change as our lifestyle does. Once you have children, you often need a bigger family car, as you need to travel with plenty of boot space and a lot of room for passengers. However, if you are in the early stages of your life, you are probably looking for something a bit more practical and fuel efficient, which will keep the insurance down. Therefore, the size of your car usually comes down to the stage of your life you’re at. It lets people know how old you are, whether or not you have a family, and what is important to you!

So there you have it: hopefully, you now have a better idea of what your car says about you. Whether you dare to be different and you like to stand out from the crowd, or you prefer classic styles, your car often says a lot about who you are as a person! Or, perhaps you have found that your car is nothing like your personality at all?

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