Who is a Modern Man?

In the modern world that we live in, quite rightly, things are changing and things are being questioned. No longer do we have to carry on with traditions or just do things because that is what people have done before now. As a result, there can be some conflicting information on what it means to be a modern man; just take the recent Gillette ad as an example, with many in awe of it and many criticizing it. Which camp were you on when it came to that ad? Whatever your stance on it is, which you can read more about here, surely we can all agree that ‘being a man’ means something different now than it did a century ago, right?

So with that in mind, here is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at what it means to be modern man and the costs associated with it all.


  • A modern man still has a survivalist instinct; if the lights go out, then we know exactly where to look to fix it. He can cope and fix things, even if it means looking at Google for a little help.
  • We live in a world where we need to be living much more sustainable lives, to reduce, reuse, and recycle; it is totally OK to be vegan now, if that is what you wish.
  • A modern man is someone that is self-sustaining, in that they can manage on their own, and has the skills to do so. A modern man embraces his personality traits, and if a little more introverted, for example, knows when he needs time alone, and equally, when to be around others.
  • Embracing adventure and having an adventurous spirit is all part of being a man nowadays. It is easier than even to follow passions that one enjoys, and be curious about the world.
  • Respect is something that we all need more of, and it starts with respecting yourself. Not using self-deprecating humour is important, even if you are just trying to make people laugh.
  • As Donna Summer (kind of) said, ‘he works hard for the money.’ Millennials can often get branded for being a bit work-shy, but modern men want to work hard to achieve their dreams. We’re savvy with our cash though, of course, and won’t spend more on something than we really need to. Take car insurance, for example, be shop around  using sites like https://cheapautoinsurance.co/cheap-car-insurance-quotes/ to get the best deals, as well as leaving our ‘boy racer’ days behind us.
  • Empathy can be a skill to learn, but something that more and more of us are embracing. We are showing emotion and experiencing emotion ourselves; it is good to talk, after all.
  • Modern men say what they feel and what they mean, rather than playing games or being cryptic. What is the point in not saying what you feel? Isn’t the phrase, living your best life? Something that all modern men want to embrace; life is too short otherwise.

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This is a collaborative post.